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Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

My 3 Sacred Pillars

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

Connecting with something “outside” of yourself allows you to believe that you have a higher source aiding you in this life and takes the pressure of amounting to perfection off the table. Whether your connection is with God, The Creator, Universe, Life, The Most High, Source Energy – it doesn’t matter, my belief is they are all interconnected.

Strengthening your relationship with The Creator deliberately strengthens the relationship with Self (yourself).

You are one with The Creator.

You are made up of all what is God, The Creator, Universe, therefore, YOU ARE THE CREATOR. YOU ARE GOD, YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

By acknowledging and accepting this truth, you can tap into this divine connection, enhance your intuition, heal, shift & become more intentional about your life.

Search for your truth.

Shut out the noise, invite silence.
Let your soul speak, connect to your source.
Watch how your life gloriously unfolds.

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

You have the power to choose what makes up all that you are. Your habits, your thoughts, your environment, what you will accept and what you will not – it all stems from YOU. Most of the time, we don’t believe we have choices but that’s an illusion.We have more control than we think. We have more mind power to connect all the right pieces. Right now, you are making the conscious choice to elevate yourself which is why you are searching for a life coach.

Getting in touch with yourself – expanding your awareness, and raising your self-confidence will motivate you to make healthier choices that are aligned with your highest self.

Learn how to be proud of yourself.
Learn how to celebrate yourself.
Learn about yourself AND appreciate your essence!
Believe in yourself.

Love yourself.
And most of all, balance your mind, body, soul + spirit to the highest frequency– it all forms who you are at your core.

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

Every single being on this planet has a gift. Whether it be cooking, dancing, singing, arts, or advocating. We all have, at the VERY LEAST, one thing we are great at. People search everywhere for their purpose or calling when, in reality, they are not aware of their own power!

Ask yourself –

What do I bring to the table?
Have I been giving myself the credit I deserve?

The power has always been within us. However, with the worldly things of life and conditioning we forget our true essence. When you openly ask for your gifts to be revealed to you – they will show up.

Creativity empowers us to be vulnerable, transparent, and child-like.
We don’t take life so seriously when we are in the flow with our creative nature.
We light up and our energy is contagious.
Your gifts can give you the direction of your life.
Have an open heart and call in your soul purpose.

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Ask yourself…

How do you feel about your life?

How do you feel about yourself?

What are you feeling called to?

What are you seeking?

Maybe you’re here because...

You are feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated, and unworthy.

You are feeling stuck, lost, and hopeless

You are searching for clarity and purpose.

You are searching for healing and emotional freedom.

You want to transcend your need to people please.

You want to transcend the looping cycles and patterns you seem trapped in.

I understand.
I’ve been there, but...

What if I told you, you can have the life you dream of?

What if I told you, you can wake up with your heart full of joy and gratitude EVERY DAY?

What if I told you, you have all the answers within to create your own path of love, abundance & success?

What if told you, I can guide you back to your highest self and unlock your infinite potential to infinite freedom?

What if I told you, all it takes is an open mind, open heart?

Would you take the opportunity

Or let it pass you by?

The grounded, free-spirited, soul fulfilling life you yearn for is possible & is here.

Trust me I know because I changed my LIFE!

I began to believe in myself.

I began to love myself.

And most importantly I began nourishing myself with beautiful thoughts, words of life, purpose-FULL actions + rich environments.


I began to fuel my soul on a DEEP LEVEL and life rewarded me with MAGNIFICENT gifts.

I became abundant, fruitful and joyful ALL AROUND.

My finances GREW.

My creativity AMPLIFIED.

My relationships EXPANDED.

My self-confidence FLOURISHED.


Opportunities were constantly knocking on my door.


Are you ready to awaken the depths of your spirit?

Are you ready for YOUR paradigm shift?

Welcome to the beginning of your new life.

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Program Options

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney
Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

What You’ll Get

✔︎ Live coaching calls with playback recording

✔︎ Personalized resources tailored to your needs

✔︎ Life changing guidance, practices, inspiration & knowledge

✔︎ Accountability & reliable support system

✔︎ Early access + discount to current and future courses

✔︎ A scared space for transparency & vulnerability

✔︎ AND more suprises :)

Are you ready to invest in yourself?


Due to high volume, please allow 2-3 business days for your application to be thoroughy reviewed.
Also, please keep in mind Katherine A. Martinez Private Coaching requires a monetary investment.
Sending you love & talk soon! xo

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney
Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

Private Coaching | Katherine Martiney

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