You will receive:

Heart Centered Guidance

I will be intuitively supporting you in reconnecting with your divine essence
to achieve balance and flourish inside + out!

Heart Centered Sacred Space

Our time together will be treated with the upmost value and confidentiality.
You are free to be yourself and let your soul speak.

Heart Centered Practices

We will create habits, routines, and tasks that resonate with YOU
to ensure you are progressing and filled with joy!

Unconditional Support + Accountability

The answers are always inside of you.
But I will lovingly direct your vision as needed to ensure you stay on track on your journey.

Motivation + Action

Choosing to evolve takes work.
I will be here as your principle inspiration to spark what’s already inside of you to blossom.
We will ensure this journey is tailored specific to your needs so your spirit will be excited to take action!

Deep Inner Work + Vision Building

We will find the root of why certain areas of your life are not where you want them to be.
We will create goals that align with your highest self.

Offerings | Katherine Martiney

Heart to Heart Sessions

Your breakthrough is here.

Are you yearning to be heard and understood?
Are you wanting a space to feel yourself & someone to confide in?

Are you at the brink of making a decision but need an intuitive opinion?
Are you in the midst of an important transition & need guidance?

Heart to Heart Sessions are an intentional way to get the help you need in any phase of your life –
relationships, friendships, career, self-esteem, you name it.
This space allows you to freely be yourself and unleash your vulnerability.

In this 60-minute call, we will dive deep into a specific phase in your life,
answer all your questions and come up with an action plan on how to achieve, overcome
or simply move forward from your specific situation.

Whatever your dilemma may be, you know the answer –
I simply assist you in connecting to your inner-source for wisdom and clarity.

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Offerings | Katherine Martiney

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