The Awakening of the Subtle Flower

The Awakening of the Subtle Flower is a testimony to my spiritual awakening.

You get an intimate poetic step by step of how my own life shifted for the better.

Sometimes suffering leads us down an extraordinary path to meet our bare soul, to reassess what truly matters.

We are meant to live, not survive or be idle in existence. Sometimes it takes losing yourself to center yourself.
I turned to poetry and writing to escape my sorrows and it turned out to be a life changing healing tool.

I fell in love with my life all over again AND I checked off one my life goals – publishing a book.

Not just any book,

a book filled with explosive revelations and transcendental wisdom.

If you are looking to heal, grow, and reshape your entire existence you have come to the right place.

Many have said my words sparked a light in them that they didn’t know existed.

Others have said once they started it reading my book, they had to finish it in one sitting; or have cried because it was that powerful.

Awaken the depths of your soul,
The time is now to fuel your mind
so you may bloom for the rest of your life.

My Book | Katherine Martiney

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My Book | Katherine Martiney
My Book | Katherine Martiney

My Book | Katherine Martiney

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My Book | Katherine Martiney

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