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Welcome to my inner world, my loves.

My name is Katherine A. Martinez - a multi-dimensional creative with the sole purpose of creating my world and inspiring others to maximize their full potential.
I am a Transformational Guide for those aspiring to tap into their own divinity and lead a life mastering their spiritual, personal and creative relationship with Self.
I express my gifts in many capacities to be a clear example of what you can achieve – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

We are all born with multiple gifts and talents, BUT it is up to us to nurture them.

We are meant to embody different characters.

This is OUR MOVIE so why be subjected to only one role?

We are meant to rediscover ourselves in different areas.
We are meant to grow, change, evolve – it is the beautiful cycle of life.
Our experiences lead us to new discoveries and those discoveries add to who we are.
WE WILL ALWAYS be recreating ourselves.
So why not tap into your divine powers?

“We are and will always be
Beautiful unfinished masterpieces –
Constantly evolving
Constantly molding
Leaving what was
Only to repaint the image of what is”

–Katherine A. Martinez
The Awakening of the Subtle Flower

About | Katherine Martiney

So How Did I Get Here?

I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador; raised in California, USA. Growing up, I deeply prided myself in being a bilingual Latina-American woman. I placed all my value in my culture and defined who I was in that way. Through shadow work and healing my mind body, and spirit – I was able to take back my power and rewrite my beliefs. I began consciously choosing my core values and what I believed in. I CHOSE who I am and who I will become.

However, before I tapped into my divine goddess nature, I was living life on autopilot. It seemed like I had it all figured out – graduate high school, go to university, be the first in my family to receive a Bachelor’s degree, find a great job that allowed me to have the lifestyle I desired. I was a BIG planner and I wanted to make my family proud. I mean my parents immigrated here for the “American Dream” – how could I disappoint them? I knew my mission and it seemed I was checking off everything on my list, until everything went left.

My first serious relationship ended. My family relationships were a chaotic mess. My close friendships were coming to an end – all while I was figuring out my plans for my future. It was too much emotional distress for me that I had no choice but to isolate myself for a week straight. I cut off communication with everyone and put my responsibilities to the side. No school. No work. No contact with the outside world. As you may have guessed, this made everything worse. I spiraled into a rabbit hole of sadness, self-pity, and loneliness. I truly did not know what to do with myself – I had never experienced this kind of physical, emotional and mental strains in my life. Yes, I had my fair share of hardships but never back to back like this. I was always the strong one. The one with the biggest smile on her face no matter what was going on internally and externally. The one that laughed at everything; simply full of life and happy. Everyone came to me for advice or help with their problems, but I never felt comfortable being a person to complain or share my sorrow.

So, I stuffed it down and didn’t tell a soul.

I swallowed my pain and dealt with it on my own which led me into a deeper trance of suffering. I didn’t recognize myself anymore.

It took hitting rock bottom and imploring God to relieve me of my constant suffering to realize I had a choice – continue letting my circumstances define my thoughts, actions, and emotions OR to redirect my energy elsewhere.

The next day I came across a video about “spiritual awakenings” and my life was never the same.

I turned to writing as my form of therapy. Personal Development Youtubers such as Leeor Alexandra, Aaron Doughty, and Activation Vibration became my mentors. My relationship with The Creator – God flourished and I started to align with my higher self. I realized that all my pain was a catalyst to get back to my true self and revaluate my priorities. Gratitude became my way of life. I vowed no matter the position I am, I will always remain solid in my unwavering faith that all is happening for my highest good.

My journey of misery became a journey of enlightenment and constant revelations. For the very first time in my life it seemed like I was truly connecting to myself, my life, and focusing in on my purpose. I knew in that moment the way I was living my life prior would be no more. I couldn’t go back to being that person who was living on autopilot. A person who was going to graduate college at 21 only to spend the rest of her life working. I knew I was built for more – I had a higher calling. I still graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and received a B.A in Psychology. BUT I dismantled everything I ever believed to be true and began to reprogram my mind to live and think abundantly. This was the beginning of my deep inner work and I knew it was going to be one hell of a ride. From that point on, I centered on amplifying my creative gifts and listening to my divine intuition which has led me here –


I am now traveling the world and dedicating my time to guiding others step into their infinite power. As I’ve been on this beautifully wild journey, I know behind all the situations (good or challenging) that have surfaced in my life, there was an intention behind it. Failed relationships and friendships to feeling like an outsider, misunderstood or traumatic events – they were all lessons and redirections.

My path led me to be here, with you.

To share my story and hear yours.

It is never too late for a fresh start.



About | Katherine Martiney

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